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There are three Food & Beverage establishments, including the Joy Pool Bar, an all-day dining restaurant known as Masala Hut. The Joy pool bar and the Temple bar to quench your thirst.

Masala Hut

Earthy aromas of India’s robust and world-famous tandoori cuisine are cooked up to utter perfection at Masala Hut, Joia Do Mar’s exclusive restaurant that also serves up goan and Chinese cuisine, if you so desire to satisfy your hunger pangs for the same. Come by, let our staff guide you to your table, ensure you are comfortably seated and then peruse our diverse menu. How about a nutritious and satisfying dal makhni served with some piping hot, melt-in-the mouth garlic naan? Want something meatier? Then hesitate no further and opt for some chicken tikka, the ever-popular butter chicken or some succulent and choice mutton, exotic seafood. Or how about some incredibly flavorful dum aloo kashmiri? We can continue to tantalize you with our mouthwatering dishes or you could allow us the privilege of serving you a meal you will not forget! Pleasing Indian ambience, great company and great food – what more could one ask for on your rejuvenating vacation?

The Temple Bar

The Temple Bar..Let the country side of Scotland lure and tempt you..right here in Goa itself. Do you feel like setting the tone for a lovely evening at our newly opened Bar called The Temple Bar? What a lovely idea! So, come in, relax on our ultra-comfortable sofas and benches, with lighting set low and a relaxing tone of decor to please you, tickle your palate with some zesty starters. Fancy some delectable melt-in-the-mouth kababs? Done! or how about some delicious and freshly-prepared barbecue? Fancy some tender and spicy paneer tikka? Coming right up! And to quench your thirst while you relish these delectable morsels, call for a tall cold one or a bold single malt. From imaginatively-created mocktails and cocktails again put together by excellently trained staff, to all kinds of spirits, we promise you, that your tastes will be catered to. The Temple Bar beckons you….

Banquet Hall

Since its inception, Joia Do Mar has raised the bar in terms of luxury and comfort towards catering to your every whim and fancy in order to enhance your holiday experience. It has been a wonderful journey and the best is yet to come. In keeping with our dedication towards continuous growth, we now offer you a comprehensive solution if you would like to mix business with pleasure. We now offer a fully equipped banquet hall with a large and capacious seating capacity, equipped with projectors, multimedia connectivity, refreshments on demand, a wet bar featuring a range of imported scotch, wines and vodka in case your delegates feel the need for refreshments after a hard day’s work. Apart from that, customized needs can also be taken care of. Let us know what you’d like and your wish is our command. This room need not just be about conventions and meetings and conferences. Feel free to use it as a party room for your kid. Rest assured we will make sure it has a wonderful party atmosphere, with streamers, decorations and plenty of merrymaking. Use this room to celebrate any number of occasions too example, anniversaries, milestone celebrations and so on. So remember, all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. It’s Goa, after all!

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